Keeping our promise to our kids

Published by: BGCGTC-LIVE

As social justice issues rose to the forefront of the American consciousness this summer, we made a promise to our kids that we would listen, support and then act to create a world that provides equity, opportunity, and elevation for all.

Today and every day, we are keeping that promise to our kids.

This is why we are honored to kick off our Agenda For Youth advocacy platform, which aims to raise awareness of and actively addresses community-based issues and policies that affect the well-being of youth in their pursuit of academic success, healthy lifestyles, and citizenship.

Over the past few months, we have convened a task force of youth members to listen and learn directly from them about the issues that are most prevalent in hindering the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

The key issues that are currently of concern for our youth and employees:


  • Economic and Education Resourcing
  • Youth Safety
  • Racial Equity and Justice
  • Youth and Family Rights


For over 150 years, Boys & Girls Clubs across the country have championed opportunities for youth in America, preparing them to be the problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders who shape our world. Through advocacy, we strive to maximize our impact on the kids and teens we currently serve, while growing to reach and serve more youth than ever before!

Join us in being the catalyst for change on the critical issues affecting youth. YOUR support makes a difference.

Together we can,

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