Amplifying Youth Voice: Racial Equity and Justice

Published by: BGCGTC-LIVE

Watch video: Good Morning Texas

The foundation of our Agenda For Youth platform lies in advocating for all young people to have the same opportunities and encouraging young people to harness the power of their voice.

This week, three members from our Teens in Action for Change Today (T.A.C.T.) committee harnessed this power by sharing their voices on Good Morning Texas.

“We want social justice, we want economic justice and we want to be able to live in the United States safely.” These are the words spoken by our 2020 Youth of the Year, Torion Lewis, and the sentiment is echoed by her fellow Club members. As we’ve listened and been led by the voices of our young people, there is one issue of concern that is paramount to our kids: racial equity and justice.

As the hope for major systemic change arises, the need for resources to communicate, support, and empower children of color is needed now, more than ever. In partnership with our community leaders, we will continue to listen but more importantly, act to create real solutions to the challenges impacting our youth. Through our T.A.C.T. committee and 2020 Courageous Conversations for Kids summit, we are empowering our kids to lead the way in crafting a brighter feature.

Young people need to be represented, engaged, and empowered into becoming productive citizens and their voices need to be amplified and heard. BGCGTC is here to do that, to build future leaders, and to enact change that will transcend generations.

Together we can,

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