United Front by Torion Lewis

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Foreword by Daphne Barlow Stigliano: Encouraging civic engagement has long been a core commitment of Boys & Girls Clubs. This fall, we elevated that commitment by hosting voter registration drives at our branches, encouraging our staff to exercise their political rights, and teaching our members about the democratic process and the power of their voice. With these initiatives, we strive to help our youth become responsible, caring citizens and acquire skills to participate in the democratic process.

Over the past few months, Torion Lewis, our BGCGTC 2020 Youth of the Year, has been instrumental in championing our civic engagement activities inside and outside our Club walls. She has taken part in our Teens in Action for Change Today taskforce, our voter registration drives and even shared her views about the election on Good Morning Texas. After exercising her right to vote for the first time this year, she shares a powerful message about the privilege of taking part in the democratic process and celebrating our national heritage as the United States of America in a poem titled “United Front.”



United Front by Torion Lewis:


United is what we shall stand

For the future of many generations, lies at the ache of our hands

Peacefully is what we should be

Knowing that a brighter day rest in the near eyes for us to see

Cognitive of what we know, but intentionally pushing towards the future with a steadfast glow

United is what we shall stand

No matter our differences we join hand and hand

Love is patient and love is kind

and must I remind that we are all human,

so shoo men who try to tear us apart

We all have purpose, like a mosaic piece of art

Lift every voice and sing and then shall freedom brilliantly ring

United is what we shall stand

Now this was all a part of the quintessential plan.

United Front by Torion Lewis

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