Agenda For Youth

Raising awareness of community-based social issues and policies that impact our members. 


For over 160 years, Boys & Girls Clubs across the country have championed opportunities for youth in America, preparing them to be the problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders who shape our world.

At Boys & Girls Clubs, we believe who you are, where you’re from, or the circumstances that surround you shouldn’t determine your access to experiences or opportunities. America’s youth need a voice, and we believe working together, we will close the opportunity gap for all.

Our Agenda for Youth advocacy program builds upon that commitment by ensuring youth voices are heard in communities and at the state and federal level as we champion policies and solutions that will have the greatest impact on our youth.

2022 Advocacy Priorities

By advocating for critical issues, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County is uniquely positioned to increase our collective impact on Tarrant County’s young people to empower and ensure that they have the experiences, opportunities, and resources they need to reach their fullest potential. Each year, our organization reviews the environment that surrounds our community of young people, being careful to give voice to young people directly. Based on this assessment, we will select the important set of proposed key issues that deserve our advocacy. While there will be many competing priorities, it is our aim to select these priorities with attention to both need and opportunity to influence action. This year, the following advocacy issues have been identified:

Strengthening Community Partnerships with Law Enforcement

At Boys & Girls Club, we know we can play a powerful and productive role in building bridges in our community between law enforcement and our members. This is accomplished through thoughtful programming and partnership. That’s why our organization has identified partnerships with law enforcement as one of our top priorities in 2022.

Preparing the Workforce of the Future

Increasingly, finding qualified workers in many fields is a challenge facing many businesses. Members at the Clubs are also eager for exposure to their future career. The Boys & Girls Club can be an ideal environment for career exploration, soft skill training and workforce development. A priority for funding and advocacy is creating opportunities for youth to understand and be prepared for their futures as workers making important contributions to our economy.

Investing in Intensive Academic Support Post-Covid

Achievement data based on state tests consistently show that Black, Latinx, and emergent English learners achieve at lower levels than their white peers. With the onset of COVID-19, these disparities have only been magnified. Students of color have less access to technology, less time with teachers, and started school months behind their white counterparts.  That’s why our organization has identified supporting intensive academic remediation during the post-covid period as one of our top priorities in 2022.

Supporting Social-Emotional Wellness for Youth

The social and emotional needs of youth are expected to only grow greater and more complicated as we move through 2022. With already increasing rates of suicidal ideation brought on by isolation and other social challenges related to the pandemic, the Club must increase focus and resources on this  problem. That’s why our organization has identified social-emotional wellness as one of our top priorities in 2022.

Agents of Change

During this time that major issues are rising to the surface, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County remains an established and trusted leader in youth development in this community and even around the country. As a nation, we are challenged to do more for our community, and especially for our nation’s future leaders and visionaries. Major community-based social issues need to be addressed, and solutions need to be made to create a more vibrant community and agenda. BGCGTC is highly positioned to be the leader in bringing these issues to the forefront of discussion, creating greater awareness and advocacy, and being a partner to government agencies to create sustainable and impactful solutions.

The backbone of the BGCGTC Agenda for Youth will be constructed on (5) Building Principles:

Policy Building

Identifying issues that have policies that impact our ability to move change initiatives forward.

Program Building

Offering content and programs that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for youth and staff.

Partner Building

Securing a network of public and private sector partners to provide support for our change initiatives.

Platform Building

Form an advocacy messaging strategy for key audiences and influencers to promote.

People Building

Investment in training and resources to equip staff and youth with tools to advance change initiatives.

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