Board of Directors

Meet Our Board Members

Our Board Members generously commit their time, talent, and financial means to ensure our Club members from across Tarrant County have access to our high-quality programs. All of our Board Members hold governance responsibility for our mission, policies, and financial health. 

Our Officers

  • Laura Coffey, Board Chair
  • Julie Cerza
  • Don Duke
  • Mike Gerro
  • Bryan Gregston
  • Jim Griffis
  • Stephen Jones
  • John Landry
  • Ty Stimpson
  • Tessa Tubbs
  • Maria Walker

Our Members

Stewart Alcorn
Chris Allen
Gina Alley
Larry Anfin
Lindsay Antoniello
Ish Arebalos
Allan Beck
Eric Bocan
John Broude
Mark Caffey
Julie Cerza
Laura Coffey
Don Duke
Kimberly Fitzpatrick
Mike Gerro
Stephen Gilchrist
Bryan Gregston
Jim Griffis
Steve Hambrick
Brandon Hill
Paul Hirsch
Karen Igo
Don Illingworth
Lisa Jamieson
David Jernigan
Brandi Johnson
Steve Jones
Ramon Kinloch
John Landry
Sean Madison
Tom McCarty
Tim McLarty
Chris Milliken
Jeff Paul
Vidal Quevedo
Judy Rupay
Di Ann Sanchez
Ty Stimpson
Dana Tomechko
Tessa Tubbs Ekukanju
Maria Walker
Wes Warnock


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