Music & Youth Program

Inspiring youth and teens through music. 

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Our Music & Youth program uses music as a tool to foster creativity and self-expression in youth. 

Our program hopes to inspire youth on a deeper level than just music. We want to be able to give our participants the opportunity to grow and develop through the music program. 

Program Offerings

The Music & Youth program targets teens and pre-teens in 5th grade and above.

Program Benefits

Music Lessons

Our two Music Clubhouses offer members the opportunity to experience music with free instrument lessons with drums, piano, guitar, bass, and more.

Production Lessons

We teach production skills, beat-making skills, song-writing skills, and provide the opportunity for members to showcase their creative skills in front of their peers.


Our members participate in musical band groups where they perform covers of popular songs at the end of each month in front of their peers.

Song Writing

Members are able to work in a recording studio to learn the process of developing their own original music, writing their own lyrics, and making songs for others to hear.

Learn More

Our Music & Youth program is operated in two Music Clubhouses located at our Eastside Branch and Northside Branch. Music Clubhouse hours are from 2:30pm to 6:30pm during the school year and 9:00am to 6:00pm during summer time. 


4651 Ramey Ave, Fort Worth | TX 76105

North Fort Worth

2000 Ellis Ave Fort Worth | TX 76164 |

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Their next great moment can start with you.

A hot meal. Help with homework. A kind and encouraging word from someone who believes in you. These are the moments that add up to great futures for young people, especially those who need us most. Together, we can give kids their next great moment.